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APP Los Angeles Open – Live Blog 6/11/21

by The Dink Media Team

Weather: 80 degrees, mostly sunny:sunny:

8:00AM – Matt
Here in LA at the first of four straight weekends of pro pickleball tournaments being held in Southeastern California. Wow.

APP LA June 10-13th
APP SoCal June 18-20
PPA Orange County Cup June 24-27

NCS Newport Beach July 3- 419 teams in today’s Mixed Pro doubles draw. We’re getting closer having enough demand in pro events to create full blown tour qualifying tournaments.

Was listening to the Freestyle Boys podcast on the plane ride here as Ben Johns and Rob Nunnery discussed the future of qualifying for the pro draws.

“People also think it’s funny that anyone can enter a pro event at these tournaments”, Ben said.
The next evolution of the Pro Pickleball industry.

8:30A – Matt
It’s a warm day here in La Habra CA, but it’s not as hot as Morgan Evans serve. So many players discussing this wizards finger snap ball toss.

I talked to Morgan about his “Golden Bowler, and ACL Tear” serve variations.
“I call it the ACL Tear because I think I’m going to tear my ACL doing it”.
He says to see players like John Cincola, and Zane Navratil testing the spin serve is ‘flattering’ and hopes that it’s not abused so much it becomes outlawed.

Advice for recreational players to master this weapon?
“It took me over six months to feel comfortable using my serve in tournaments” Morgan Evans advised.
Really interesting to see the drop serve rule create this unintended game changer for several pros.

9:30A – Matt
“I would tell Ben Johns he needs to lob more”.
DJ Young is starting to lose my trust as a reliable source :laughing:.
During their first-round match against Christine McGrath/Spencer Smith in Round 1, DJ showed off his lob at a much high frequency and he told me this shot is “110% underrated and needs to be utilized more”
Playing with Callan Dawson, he thinks the lob can be used as an offensive weapon during slow-paced dinking rallies. Absolutely.

12:20P – JB Jones

If you haven’t tuned in yet, tune in now. The top 4 seeds have all been pushed to the loser’s bracket and doubles partners Callen Dawson and DJ Young are facing off to advance to Winner’s Bracket final. Dawson has paired up with Irina Tereschenko and the newly formed team have a strong chance at taking gold with their current position. The winner of this match will face the 6th seed team of Rob Cassidy and Susannah Barr in the Winner’s Bracket final.
Whoever makes it through the backdraw will have a tough road ahead because that bracket is filled with some heavy hitters and they will need to win a best of 3 and final game to 15 against their finals opponent. The backdraw is filled with medalists from the APP Indy Open and this could be an issue where travel catches up with some of the players. Like you see in other major sports, the road trip out West can put an end to any major hot streak. I’m anticipating that slow starts from some of these teams will turn into fireworks in the upcoming games to 15.

5:40 pm PDT

It is the Wild Wild West in La Hambra, CA and the final duel almost here. The two teams left standing started the day at the number 6 and number 8 seed. Rob Cassidy and Susannah Barr battled through the opportunity bracket and will meet the undefeated team of DJ Young and Vivienne David. Young and David have found success with lobs over the top and Cassidy is playing with the reckless abandon that everyone has come to love. We have also seen the strategy of female players lining up straight on from one another and hashing things out on their own. I’m betting we will see more of all this action in the final. Strap up your boots, get your hat on straight and throw on the stream. This shootout will be one you don’t want to miss!

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