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APP Los Angeles Open – Saturday, 6/12/21 Live Blog

by The Dink Media Team

Weather: 87 degrees, winds 0-8 mph, mostly sunny:sunny:

8:00A – Matt

A pretty interesting Men’s Pro field today here at APP LA. Draw looks a bit top heavy to me with my contenders being Jocelyn Devilliers/Morgan Evans, Rob Nunnery/JW Johnson, Chuck Taylor/Spencer Smith, Adam Stone/Jeffrey Warnick, Dylan Frazier/Matt Chou, and DJ Young/Callan Dawson. Although, after hearing about Callan Dawson’s continued elbow troubles, they might not be as steep of a threat. (Callan is planning a several month rest period from pickleball). Some pros are picking and choosing which tournaments to play in this month in Cali, while some are just straight living here for the summer.

TEAM TO WATCH: Rob Nunnery teams up with the electric 19 year old JW Johnson, who chased down a gold medal in Mixed last weekend at APP Indianpolis. Can he get another and earn his nickname “The Leprechaun”? They’re my pick.

9:00A – Matt

Lots of buzz about DJ Young’s gold medal yesterday! He teamed up with Vivienne David to win gold in two straight games yesterday vs Rob Cassidy/Susannah Barr. Vivienne today said he played lights out and might have had extra confidence playing a big tournament near his home town. That surely bodes well for next weekend as the APP Tour heads to Bobby Riggs, where he works and teaches! DJ Young/Callan Dawson into the second round after cruising to a win against Pickleball McNasty/Casey Kalinyak.

10:20A – Matt
After an intense game one, Dylan Frazier and Matt Chou rallied to knock off Adam Stone/Jeff Warnick (8-11,12-10,11-7).
Down 7-10 in game 2, there was let up from Matt and Dylan’s drives as they kept attacking both Adam and Jeff with drives in game three. Mixing it up, playing soft to Jeff’s backhand was also key.
Dylan Frazier’s star is rising, and Matt Chou could soon be regarded as the best Asian player currently on tour!


Was so insightful chatting with Jill Braverman about the parallels between the tennis industry and pickleball! With her extensive background working with the UTR rating scale that helps run the juggernaut that is juniors tennis, Jill is an expert resource and could be truly vital as a contributor to conquer pickleball’s rating scale problem powderkeg.

“Pickleball needs a unified rating scale, encompassing both tours” Braverman said.

“It’s very difficult, UTR (tennis) has 7 data scientists tweaking the algorithm to make improvements. Making it accurate for doubles is even tougher”

Jill Braverman is partnered with Lauren Stratman here at APP LA, and is quickly becoming a sought after player for many tournaments. But she will likely have an impact in the sport far beyond her play on the court.

Day 2 Recap – JB

The story of the day was the team of Dylan Frazier and Matt Chou. The team in orange was highly visible, taking out some of the tour staples on their way to a Bronze Medal. The new comer to the tour, Chou, was relatively unknown on the national scale but well known in the SoCal area. He has been moving through the ranks during PPA tournaments and first paired with Frazier at the pro level, during the Newport Shootout in April. The pair made the presence known today should be a team to lookout for going forward. 

The Gold Medal was won by a new combination of familiar faces. Jay Devilliers found himself in the top spot again but this time with pickleball OG/podcast host/world class instructor/shot inventor/server extraordinaire, Morgan Evans. The return of Evans had the field in knots. Dealing with his patented spin serves and the overwhelming Devilliers was too much for the other teams today. Rob Nunnery and JW Johnson took Silver on the day and put together a strong performance in the Gold Medal round, even forcing a final game to 15, technically 16. The final game saw runs from each team before completely tightening up at 13-13. Both teams were trying to avoid the hot hand on the other side of the net. Johnson and Devilliers were playing lights out, so any ball away from them was a good ball. Evans and Devilliers got the serve back at 14-14 and were able to string together 2 consecutive points, ending appropriately on a Devilliers cross court smash and celebration.

In the women’s draw. the day belonged to Irina Tereschenko and Andrea Koop. The ladies avoided all L’s in LA LA Land going undefeated and taking the Gold Medal in straight games. Their opponent’s averaged less than 5 points per game in the 9 games played. This included 2 matches against the eventual Silver Medalists Lea Jansen and Michelle Esquivel. The unfamiliar pairings throughout the tournament have made for some exciting matches and unpredictable results. Taking Bronze was the team of Corrine Carr and Vivienne David. This is both David and Carr’s second medal of the event and David will have a great chance at taking home three medals as the Women’s Pro Singles field surprisingly only 5 players deep. 

The men’s singles event is filled with somewhat unfamiliar faces. Outside of Jay Devilliers there is not another singles gold medalist in the field. It’s great opportunity for one of the new faces of the game to take home a gold medal, if they can just find a way to keep Devilliers off the the top podium.

Follow along with Day 3 singles action here.

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