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APP Los Angeles Open – Sunday, 6/13/21 Live Blog

by The Dink Media Team

12:40 PDT – JB

Singles day in California, and where are all the ladies at? The two for one drink specials were not enough to attract the majority of top female players to participate in this event. There are so many other ways to spend a Sunday in Southern California, maybe hit the beach, stroll down Hollywood boulevard or sneak over to Disneyland to check out the new Avenger’s Campus. But come on, four players?? In the pro bracket on the APP Tour, that seems crazy. Lea Jansen and Irina Tereschenko have early wins in the Round Robin setup and their match will likely decide the Gold Medal winner. The other two competitors are Maggie Brascia, seen yesterday partnered with her sister in the Women’s doubles draw, and Jorja Johnson, younger sister of JW Johnson. One of these players will be guaranteed a medal and the other will have one of the best chances at a pro medal that they might ever see.

In the Men’s bracket, the top 4 seeds have advanced to the quarterfinals and are currently battling it out. Southern California residents Daniel Roditi and Gabriel Joseph are facing off to take on the winner of Jay Devilliers and JW Johnson. Lots of action still to come in this bracket but at this point it is still Devilliers tournament to lose. Let’s see if the hometown advantage can push one of the locals to the next level or if JW Johnson can take another large step in his career and take out Devilliers mano y mano.

Catch up on yesterday’s action here.

Day 3 Recap – JB

All fun in the sun for Jay Devilliers, another Gold Medal in Men’s singles, making it his 5th total gold from the APP this year. The Gold Medal match was won in 3 games against Gabriel Joseph 11-2, 8-11, 11-2. The wind was cited as a factor in 8-11 loss in game two. Joseph was using the wind to his advantage pushing balls to Devilliers forehand and forcing him to deal with a ball tailing away from him. Game two also saw an out call from Devilliers that was overturned by the official. The dispute stymied the Frenchman and he dropped the game shortly after. Composure was regained immediately in game three. After a few loud “Come On” calls he was able to roll through game three and take the match. Joseph was electric to watch all day and is fitting the he plays for team Electrum. He covers the court as quickly as anyone on tour and slides into his shots like Nadal at Roland Garros. He faced Bronze Medalist Daniel Roditi twice today and both matches were filled with highlight reel points. The gang will get back together next weekend to battle it out in Encinitas, CA. 

In the Women’s draw, we saw a repeat of the US Open final with Irina Tereschenko taking the Gold over Lea Jansen in Round 3 of the event. Maggie Brascia was able to secure the Bronze medal, her first APP Pro Medal. Next week’s bracket is slim again with only 6 participants signed up. Compared to the 15 players signed up for the PPA Orange County Cup, its clear there is some incentive lacking for athletes to sign up for these events.

The rest of June will be taking place in Southern California. The APP SoCal Classic Pro matches start on June 18th at Bobby Riggs Tennis Center and the PPA Orange County Cup will start on June 24th at Lifetime Rancho San Clemente. We will see if Devilliers can say “Oui, Oui, Oui” to three Golds in a row, or if someone can knock him off his throne. Follow along with The Dink and sign up now for the free newsletter to keep track of everything going on in the world of pickleball.

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