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PPA Orange County Cup Day 1 – Live Blog

by The Dink Media Team
Orange County Cup Venue

PPA Orange County Cup Day 1 - Men's and Women's Singles

We are back..we are back! From sunny Southern California and the stars are out at the LifeTime Fitness Tennis Pickleball Stadium in San Clemente. We will have live coverage of the event from The Dink Media Team all day. Get your behind the scenes look and the breakdown on your favorite matches from the PPA Orange County Cup Day 1. Catch the action live on YouTube starting at 9:00am PDT and follow us on the gram for the best seat in the house.

11:40 PDT - Matt

We got singles day in San Clemente! Following the format of the Atlanta Open, there will be no chance to get back to the gold medal match if you lose. On the ladies side we already have a huge upset.  Sydney Sonday took down one of the top seeds, Irina Tereschenko in the second round, but will need more upset magic to beat Lea Jansen in the semi-finals.  The men’s draw is loaded, aside from the absence of Zane Navratil.  Tyson McGuffin punched his ticket to the semis with a gritty win in three games over the former Florida Gator, Ryan Sherry.  McGuffin will play Jay Devilliers after he beat Frank Anthony Davis in two games.  After losing game one 11-3, Gabriel Joseph came back to defeat Dekel Bar 11-3, 11-7.  Joseph will face Ben Johns with a chance to go to the gold medal match.

New Serve, New Paddle, Same Ben Johns

12:15pm PDT - JB

Ben Johns in action today as the top seed in the Men’s bracket. He is showing off a new, black version of his signature paddle, as well as a new version of the chainsaw serve. While missing from the APP Pro events, Johns had time to ramp up this spin serve and it is giving opponents fits already. He is through two matches and is surrendering an average of 2 points per game. Johns will face Daniel Roditi in the next round. The winner of this will take on the lightning quick Gabriel Joseph. 

Early Upset in the Women's Pro Singles

1:15pm PDT - Thomas

Sydney Sonday, a lesser known 19 year old out of Michigan pulls off the upset against fan favorite Irina and recent US Open champ Irina Tereschenko. She moves on to play Lea Jansen who has been HOT of late. Both young, tall and aggressive players. Should be a great match.

Catherine Parenteau moves on to her third match, but not without a fight. Newcomer Jackie Urbinati, former Boston College tennis, took the first game and looked in control for a good portion of the match. Catherine was able to sneak out of the second game with an 11-8 win. In the third game, a different story as Catherine stayed in control and ultimately took the match with an 11-6 score in the third game.


Men's Pro Semifinals

2:30 PDT - JB

The freight train that is Jay Devilliers keeps on rolling. He has not dropped a match today and even just took out perennial favorite Tyson McGuffin to advance to the Gold Medal Match. McGuffin dominated most of the first game with an inside-out forehand that Devilliers had trouble reading. Devilliers took a timeout down 10-6 and it paid off huge. Devilliers fought back to even the score. The ever swaggy McGuffin, put an overhead into the net that put him on tilt. Devilliers stole the first game 12-10.  McGuffin did not look like himself going into game two defeated and unable to recover the confidence in his strokes that provided the game one cushion. McGuffin gave pause on multiple line calls in the match and was visibly frustrated with a close call from Devilliers who was up 9-1 in game two. With the comfortable lead, Devilliers was able to finish the game in style. He finished the match with a backhand ATP that brought the center court crowd to their feet. McGuffin decided to recycle his paddle after the match and will need to reach into his bag for a new one if he wants to compete for Bronze.

2:50 PDT - Thomas

On the other side of the bracket. The Gabriel vs Johns match was probably the most anticipated match of the tournament so far. Gabriel is coming off a couple solid performances on the APP Tour including a gold in last weekend’s So Cal Classic with a notable win over Jay Devilliers. While the first game seemed like an even match up, the second had a familiar narrative: Ben Johns domination..

Sunday's Best

3:10 PDT - Matt

Championship Sunday is set for the singles portion of the Orange County Cup. Lea Jansen took care of business in two games against Sydney Sonday to clinch a spot in the finals.  Anna Leigh Waters reaches the final after somewhat of an upset of Catherine Parenteau. In the men’s draw Tyson McGuffin fell to Jay Devilliers in two games. In the other men’s semi, Ben Johns scrapped out a victory in game one versus Gabriel Joseph 12-10, but was dominant in game two, to finish him off 11-3.  AL Waters/Jansen and Johns/Devilliers in the gold matches on Sunday!

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