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APP Beer City Open 2021

by JB Jones
Beer City Open 2021

APP Beer City Open 2021 Recap

The drinks were flowing this weekend at the APP Beer City Open 2021 in Grand Rapids, MI. The Grand Rapids area is home to nearly 100 breweries including nationally known Founder’s and the gracious tournament sponsor Perrin Brewing Company. Perrin offers everything under the sun when it comes to beer, a personal favorite of mine is the Liquid Harmony Sour.  Shout out to  them for supporting Pickleball.  The tournament was played at beautiful Belknap Park in downtown GR where the dedicated courts provided a more professional look for this APP event. Here is a breakdown of the action.

Mixed Doubles

The mixed doubles draw saw the return of Lee Whitwell to the podium. Her and her partner Pat Smith defeated Andrea Koop/Jay Devilliers in the semifinal round to advance to the winner’s bracket final. Their hot start however, was put to an end by Callie Smith/Steve Deakin in two straight games. Then Devilliers got revenge on his doubles partner Pat Smith. He won in the Bronze Medal Match and continues to get the win when his back is against the wall. Coming through the Loser’s bracket has proven be nothing more than a speed bump for the Frenchman as he and Koop kicked down the door and snatched the Gold Medals away from Smith/Deakin.

Women's Doubles

Koop, who helped host to the APP Beer City Open 2021, must have ordered the medals with her name engraved on them. She was determined to take home some hardware this weekend and did so in dominate fashion in this draw. Her and Callie Smith made light work of the competition dropping only one game on the day and allowing no more than three points in the games they won. YIKES! Koop’s sister got in on the action, taking Bronze with Michelle Esquivel and making it a great overall weekend for the home team. Now that’s Pure Michigan!

Men's Doubles

Jay Devilliers/Pat Smith continue to run the APP Tour like the Red Wings ran the NHL in ’97 and 98′. Another first place finish and this time it was smooth skating through the winners bracket. The battle for second was between three other teams. The way the dust settled found the perennial favorite of Stone/Deakin on the second podium. Team Rob got the better of AJ Koller/Dylan Frazier 15-13 to advance to the Bronze Medal Match and eventually round out the podium.

Men's Singles

Chet Subaru must have been selling fake IDs in the parking lot because the young guns showed up and showed out the Beer City Open. Two of the winner’s bracket semifinalists were under the legal drinking age in Beer City. JW Johnson and Jack Foster(Australian for Beer) met in the semifinal for a matchup between stoicism and visible emotion. Stoicism was in favor in the blue collar region as Johnson’s calm demeanor carried him through this matchup and the final. 

He met Jay Devilliers in the following round and it seemed likely that whoever won this matchup would have to defeat their opponent again in the gold medal match. Johnson won the round and stopped Devilliers’ run of double dips. Another underage player, Dylan Frazier made everyone feel Superbad, rattling off six straight wins in the Loser’s Bracket. Playing in his first Pro Singles event he took home the Bronze Medal.

McLovin ID

Women's Doubles

The women’s draw included a couple of new players that made their impact felt. Bobbi Oshiro and Annica Cooper both took second round loses but found a groove in the loser’s bracket. They finished in third and fourth on the day. Michelle Esquivel and Lauren Stratman met in the in Winner’s Bracket final and the Gold Medal Match. Esquivel got the better of Stratman in both rounds. This is her first Pro Single’s Gold Medal this year, after a Silver and pair of Bronze Medals in previous event. 

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