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A Whole New World

by JB Jones

PPA Orlando Cup Preview

The PPA Orlando Cup starts Thursday, September 9th at 8 am. Get ready for some pickleball magic from the Magic Kingdom. Set your alarm, get your mouse ears on, and pull up the YouTube or Facebook stream ready. Here is the broadcast schedule for the event. 

Orlando Broadcast Schedule

Wait did that say the Tennis Channel? Yup, Championship Sunday coming at you from the Tennis Channel!

A Whole New World

The first-ever PPA Orlando Cup will be hosted at The USTA national campus. Boasting nearly 100 tennis courts, this facility is one of a kind. It’s Disney World for racquet sports with new pickleball courts, padel courts and a Fromuth Pro Shop. It will be exciting to see how the campus is transformed to accommodate the 1200+ pickleballers that will be storming the courts this weekend. 

The Avenger(s)

Coming off his first loss in forever is Ben Johns. Get ready to see him play with something to prove. We’ve got to hope the brackets line up for JW Johnson to meet Johns at some point in the event. But no matter who is standing in the way, take Johns to avenge the loss and get back to his winning ways. Give me some chalk for Thursday

  1. Ben Johns 
  2. Jay Devilliers 
  3. Tyson McGuffin

Women's Singles

The women’s bracket has become less predictable since Simone has stepped down from the throne. Three main contenders have been trading gold medals back and forth as of late. Catherine Parenteau, Anna-Leigh Waters, and Lea Jansen have all held the top spot this year. But Simone is back this week. She will start as a three seed in Orlando. Let’s see if she can pick up where she left off or if the other ladies have closed the gap in her absence. 



One challenger looking to break into that mix is Callie Smith. She almost took home gold in Denver but was denied by Lea Jansen putting on a performance worthy of a movie script. This time around put the money on the home team. I think Anna-Leigh will go undefeated on Thursday and will find a way to finish the job on Championship Sunday. Seeding will be the main factor in determining second place. Again you can’t take the silver if you lose at all on Thursday.


  1. Anna-Leigh Waters
  2. Simone Jardim
  3. Lea Jansen

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