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Talking Transitions, Again

by The Dink Media Team
Dayne Up Your Game

with Senior Pro Dayne Gingrich

Improving our transition game will not only (and obviously) feed our confidence, but will also eliminate so many of the errors that are holding us back from the next level.

In my opinion, the majority of amateurs make this part of the game way too complicated. It should be incredibly simple: unless you’re hitting a 3rd drive or lob, or you have a one-in-a-hundred floater meatball above your chest, every shot in transition should be a drop or reset. Period.

It’s very, very rare that you’ll hit a double drive (3rd and 5th). And please, please, PA-LEEEEZE stop hitting drives and attacks out of transition when you’re on defense. If I was forced to choose one shot that, if eliminated, would exponentially improve consistency, that would be it.

Execution-wise, resets and drops are obviously challenging, which is why most default to that drive/attack thing. Keep your feet wide, your butt down, your paddle low, and remain as still as possible while hitting your transition reset. When your feet become quiet, your paddle can find its touch.

I suggest, until you become highly proficient, aiming to the center of the net with your resets. Hit the ball with a baby-arc-rainbow and pretend you’re softly knocking a dime off the top of the net tape on its way down to your opponent’s kitchen.

Have fun with this. It’s your 🔑 to unlocking an entirely new level.

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