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Pickleball Q&A With Revvell Revati

by The Dink Media Team

Hey Dink readers! You’re in for a real treat with this Pickleball Q &A with Revvell Revati!

Revati is a USAPA Certified Referee and a Registered Referee Trainer in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Revvell Revati

Where did you grow up and what is that area known for?

I grew up in Connecticut. I have no idea what the city or state is known for as I lost touch more than 50 years ago.

After high school did you go to college, travel the world, volunteer, start working right away, something else?

I took time from schooling because I disliked school so much. I was different from others being a biker chick while others were more along the “hippie” phase. I eventually went to college after moving to Southern California.

What is or was your career and what's been satisfying about it?

I’m a Natural Health Practitioner (N.H.P.) for more than 30 years.

Very gratifying to assist so many in natural ways of living rather than relying on drugs. What’s been satisfying is finding out that their emotional health was as important to their overall health as their physical health. Editor’s note: Revvell is the author of “Smoothies & Smoozies for Life: Based on a Living-Food Lifestyle.”

Other hobbies or interests besides pickleball?

I was a volunteer for the sheriff’s department in Los Angeles area for about three years. Kind of fun patrolling the streets with another volunteer or deputy and also working dispatch.

What gear do you use and is there a reason why you chose it? (paddles, shoes, apparel, drinks, etc)?

As a referee, before we began receiving dollars, I won a LOT of paddles. My fave, and one I kept, is a Selkirk.

Finish this sentence: "Pickleball is ..."

A life-changer. Before finding pickleball, I didn’t drive and was pretty much a hermit. After I was introduced to the sport, I began driving to various courts in the area. After I began reffing, I drove throughout all of California and into Utah. My last year out west in 2018, I reffed 25 tournaments. I was probably the fourth or fifth person to become certified in California. Things have changed tremendously over the last few years and still, we need so many more referees.


Written by : Phil de Haan

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