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A Different Kind of Reset

by The Dink Media Team
PPA TS Tyson McGuffin

The Dink contributor, Tyson McGuffin, provides us with A Different Kind of Reset

As I’ve said in the past right here in this very newsletter, we often allow matches to slip out of our hands because we get distracted by things that are out of our control. Distractions challenge us to narrow our focus.

An example: 1 or 2 unforced errors cause frustration. You can’t shake it off and that usually leads to a full game or match of even more unforced errors.

A single unforced error, or even five, should not determine the outcome of a game or match. Unforced errors are not worth losing a match over. Some of the best athletes in the world have an extremely quick ‘reset’, but not that kind of a reset. Instead, I’m talking about mental resets – they’re a crucial skill to learn. Mental resetting is what separates the men from the boys and the mentally strong females from the rest.

Playing a pickleball match is a rollercoaster of emotions and momentum. There are three key factors to keeping your emotions in check and ensuring you don’t get tossed off the rollercoaster:
1) Focus on things you can control. Forget about the mistakes of the past
2) Narrow your focus on what matters, the point at-hand
3) Shrug off unforced-errors. Learn from them, but don’t let them weigh you down

You need two kinds of resets to win in this sport.

– TM

Ps…need some more Tyson McGuffin action? Head on over to his YouTube channel. In his latest instructional video, TM lays down some of the doubles tactics that are crucial for anyone who’s looking to dominate their rec league. 

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