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Who Dat? Saints Legend and Former US President on the Courts

by JB Jones
Drew Brees pickleball

This one is a two-fer. What a day on the courts in Maine! Former President of the United States George W. Bush and brother Jeb Bush take in some pickleball action featuring NFL legend Drew Brees.

That is definitely one sentence that I never imagined I would be typing. 

Everyone knows about W but here is a little background on Brees. He is a future NFL Hall of Famer, Superbowl Champion, Walter Peyton Man of the Year Recipient, and New Orleans Saints Icon. He holds tons of NFL passing records and can now be seen each week on NBC Sunday Night Football. Since Brees is now retired I guess we will be seeing a lot of him on the courts with the other retirees. 

The other familiar face is friend of the dink Matt Manasse. He was mentioned in the PicklePod with Doug Ellin but will need his own episode after a weekend like this. 

Apparently they were all there to attend a finance conference hosted by Jeb Bush’s investment firm, Finback Investment Partners. I wonder if they talked about the emerging market of pickleball (I’ll put it at a .05% chance)!

Enjoy some more photos of number 9 trying to get to 11. If you want to play with same paddle as Brees check out the selection here.

Drew Brees pickleball 2
Drew Brees pickleball 3
Drew Brees pickleball 4
Drew Brees pickleball 5

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