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APP Hilton Head Preview and MLP Sneak Peak

by JB Jones

MLP Sneak Peak

Major League Pickleball has bled over into this weekend’s event with new teammates trying to get some experience playing with one another. Some MLP pairings that we will see this weekend are Lea Jansen with Vivienne David, Vivienne David with Zane Navratill, Jessie Irvine with Susannah Bar, Dylan Frazier with JW Johnson and Lee Whitwell with AJ Koller. These teams will have their work cut out for them as this week’s pool is particularly strong for an APP event.

app HH cover
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Mens Singles

Zane will look to go back to back this weekend riding the wave of his Texas Open win. We have not had a Navratil-Devilliers matchup in a couple weeks so with any luck we will get a reunion this weekend. There is a ton of talent in this pool and making the podium will be no easy feat. JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier have been using youth to their advantage this year and with more 80 degree days forecasted this weekend endurance will be a huge factor. PPA staple Dekel Bar will also be in contention along with Ryan Sherry, AJ Koller and John Cincola. Without the seedings or bracket, here is the Podium Prediction:

🥇Zane Navratil
🥈Jay Devillers
🥉JW Johnson

Womens Singles

All signs point to a CP and Lea Jansen in the women’s division. Jansen has had the advantage as of late and has to be the favorite for gold. Lolo Stratman will also be in the mix this weekend, I have her taking bronze in the Podium Prediction. There are a decent amount of new names in the group so we will see if there are any surprises in SC.
🥇Lea Jansen
🥈Catherine Parenteau
🥉Lauren Stratman

Mixed Doubles

This division has become the most exciting one in the game. This weekend will be no different. CP is playing with Dekel Bar. We get to see Simone play with JW Johnson. We have the two MLP pairings mentioned earlier. The outcome for this division is definitely the hardest to predict. I think the high Jay Devilliers APP ranking will be crucial in this draw and give them the best shot at the gold. 
🥇Jessie Irvine & Jay Devilliers
🥈Catherine Parenteau & Dekel Bar
🥉Vivienne David & Zane Navratil

Mens Doubles

The Euro Twins will have the spotlight this weekend and not just because Pat Smith is playing host. They need to get back on track after an early upset at the PPA Texas Open. The young guns will be firing on Saturday,  they are coming off a silver medal at the Atlanta Metro Open. Collin Johns is playing with Dekel Bar, Zane and Altaf Merchant are always dangerous in these APP draws. The team I am most excited to watch is Austin Gridley and Shelllton Baptiste. They always have upset potential and could easily sneak on to the podium.
🥇 JW Johnson & Dylan Frazier
🥈Jay Devilliers & Pat Smith
🥉Dekel Bar & Collin Johns

Womens Doubles

CP and Simone are scheduled to partner up in this one. If they are on the court together I think they will win this one. The match I will have my eye on is the MLP preview between Jansen & David and Barr & Irvine. We could see this in the main draw and potentially again in the bronze medal match.
🥇Simone Jardim & Catherine Parenteau
🥈 Jessie Irvine & Susannah Barr
🥉Lea Jansen & Vivienne David

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