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Where Did I Leave That Crown?

by JB Jones

Simone Jardim and JW Johnson put on a show today at Palmetto Dunes. The queen of pickleball and Jdub went undefeated on the day. Nothing flashy just consistent pickleball snatching up a couple of points every time the serve came their way. They faced off with Jesse Irvine and Jay Devilliers in the winner’s bracket final and the gold medal round. In both matches, Jardim and Johnson won in two games.
The Jardim-Johnson had a little different look than the familiar Jardim-Johns team despite the use of the same paddles. While Johnson was parked near the center line. He did not step over and take nearly as many balls from Jardim. There was definitely a more patient approach from this team letting the action come to them.

Simone Jardim Smile

Johnson displayed his lightning-quick hands, counter-attacking when opponents pulled the trigger. Jardim looked more like herself today and racked up another gold. It seems she is gaining some momentum again late in the year. If she plays like this again tomorrow, her and CP will be unstoppable in the women’s double field.
Vivienne David and Zane Navratil had a strong showing as well. They will definitely be a dangerous team in MLP. They could potentially be the #2 pairing on the Discovery Warriors which would give them great odds in each matchup. Today they had two big wins over CP and Dekel Bar but were unable to get past the gold and silver medalists and finished the day with bronze.

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