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PicklePod 8: Jay Devilliers Addresses Mixed Doubles Comments

by The Dink Media Team

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, the two pickleballers chat about the latest from around the picklesphere. 

The Flying Frenchman, or Carnivorous Croissant if you prefer, joins the PicklePod to chat about his recent results, future partnerships and more. Jay addresses his beef with fellow Pro Zane Navratil and breaks down his experience playing with Jessie Irvine. Thomas and Tyson pitch Jay new nicknames and the three agree on a Mario Kart competition for 2022. 

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*Show notes:*

(1:38) The Dink and Jay Devilliers have some beef to settle before the episode starts

(4:59) The guys pitch Jay some new nicknames and social media trolls

(15:04) The guys dissect the current pro landscape, specialization and the PPA Championship

(23:42) Jay breaks down why singles is so difficult and who’s at the top

(27:21) The serve debate, again and Morgan Evans’ serve

(37:08) Jay breaks down what it’s like to play with Jesse Irvine and 2022 partnerships

(45:32) Thomas asks Jay about the new pro stipends and what they mean for the game

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