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PicklePod 9: MLP Preview and the Dink Origin Story

by The Dink Media Team

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, the two pickleballers chat about the latest from around the picklesphere. 

The Eve of Major League Pickleball. We clear up how the event will work and analyze some of the teams and strategies that will be needed to win. Tyson shares his story of playing Irina Tereschenko 1 on 1. We reveal the most interesting pro partnerships for 2022 including who Riley Newman and others will play with. The duo ends the pod with the final 2022 rule changes 

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*Show notes:*

(09:10) Tyson and Thomas break down everything you need to know about Major League Pickleball

(12:38) The guys share their stories about playing against top pros, what it’s like

(19:33) Thomas reveals a handful of 2022 pro partnerships, including Ben Johns and Riley Newman

(28:26) Breaking down the 2022 rule changes and we say goodbye to the Zanesaw forever

(37:15) Thomas tells the story of how he founded The Dink

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