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PicklePod 10: Dekel Bar’s Journey to Pickleball and Response to Lee Whitwell

by The Dink Media Team

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, the two pickleballers chat about the latest from around the picklesphere. 

Israeli former tennis pro turned top pickleballer, Dekel Bar, joins PicklePod!

In addition to Dekel’s journey from Israel to tennis in America to pickleball, we break down his experience at Major League Pickleball and how he feels about Lee Whitwell taking 4 straight points from him in the singles tiebreaker.

Will he sign with the PPA or APP, and who will he play with in 2022? The pickleball coach gives our listeners some strategy and tips before signing off. 

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*Show notes:*

(0:10) Dekel tells us about his transition from Israel to pro tennis to pickleball
(6:50) The guys breakdown and recap Major League Pickleball
(10:00) Dekel talks about Lee Whitwell’s insane performance (15:55) Austin is becoming a pickleball hot bed and the Dekel + Adam bromance
(22:35) More talk about MLP and its unique player matchups
(37:05) Pickleball growth, The PPA Masters, new (even more) pro partnerships revealed
(46:00) The PPA vs APP and Dekel’s Future
(52:30) Dekel tells listeners some tips to improve their game

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