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PicklePod 14: 14yo “Phenom” and #1 Ranked Mother-Daughter Duo

by The Dink Media Team

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, are joined by 14yo “Phenom” and #1 Ranked Mother-Daughter Duo

Mother-daughter duo and 2021 National Champions Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters explain why they passed on a Dink sponsorship. Yes, Anna Leigh is tired of the age thing. We learn about the early days of their careers and find out some new details around Anna Leigh’s 2022 partnership with Ben Johns. Drill to play ratios are discussed before the guys drop some breaking news about Simone Jardim.

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*Show notes:*

(0:10) The Waters explain why they aren’t sponsored by The Dink anymore

(4:10) What it’s like being “the young phenom”

(8:25) “The Dink Guy”

(10:30) The story of the Waters and Pickleball

(20:10) Drill to play ratios

(23:40) The time AL showed up to a random court and is gambling happening?

(35:10) The Waters drop and the guys weigh in on their future

(38:60) Nationals results and big news about Simone Jardim

(45:40) The guys close out the episode with recent news

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